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What we are

We are a cooperative of artists, programmers, game developers, and more. It is our goal to support our members by providing world-class technology consulting in the creative technology industries. Our members each have a diverse and powerful skillset which we can use to make youre project a succes!

Who we are

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Ramsey is an award-winning game designer, computer scientist, and educator with over a decade of experience building captivating experiences at the edge of what is technically possible. His work includes museum installations, production-grade programming language compilers, slapstick physical games, politically challenging web art, and ground-breaking research into the cultural baggage of computing.

Gwen Pasquarello Gwen's Email Gwen's self-hosted git

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Gwen is a creative technologist, artist, and livecoder. She has professional installation experience in theme parks, touring entertainment, and experiential advertising. She has development experience in a variety of mobile and desktop games.

In her practice she aims to explore the ways in which interaction between the audience and the art can create meaning.

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Ivan Safrin is a creative technologist, programmer and game designer. He specializes in graphics programming, game engine development and human/computer interaction in physical space. He has been working on projects with various companies and institutions around the world for the past 15 years when not teaching game development and graphics programming at NYU Tandon. He has a small dog.

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Andy Wallace is an independent game designer and creative coder who lives in NYC. He is also a founding member of the non-profit Death By Audio Arcade collective. He received his MFA from Parsons The New School For Design in 2012, and worked for a few years at the tiny NYC game company Golden Ruby Games. After that, he was the director of the Digital Game Design & Development program at Long Island University Post Campus. And now he is available to work on your projects!