Who We Are

EMMA is a New York City-based worker-owned creative technology cooperative. We develop software for clients in the video game, theater, public installation and media arts spaces among others.

We would love to help you bring your creative vision to life. Get in touch with us and let's figure something out.

How We Work

Worker-owned means that EMMA is owned equally and managed democratically by its current and future members—the people actually doing the work.

Not laboring to enrich absentee shareholders means a healthier, more sustainable work environment for us and a focus on building great experiences for our clients.

We believe this model is the future of our industry and beyond. We're committed to sharing our experience with others, so if you're thinking of starting a coop of any kind we'd love to talk to you.

What Brings You In

An experimental interactive digital performance series by Leslie Ting

Swing Striker

Intergalactic grappling hook soccer for Giant Fox Studios

Star Catcher

Procedural prehistoric plants created for Adelle Lin and Matt Pinner

Andy Wallace

Andy is an independent game designer and creative coder who lives in NYC. He is also a founding member of the non-profit Arcade Commons collective. He received his MFA from Parsons The New School For Design in 2012, and worked for a few years at the tiny NYC game company Golden Ruby Games. After that, he was the director of the Digital Game Design & Development program at Long Island University Post Campus. And now he is available to work on your projects!

Gwen Pasquarello

Gwen is a creative technologist, artist, and livecoder. She has professional installation experience in theme parks, touring entertainment, and experiential advertising. She has development experience in a variety of mobile and desktop games. In her practice she aims to explore the ways in which interaction between the audience and the art can create meaning.

Ramsey Nasser

Ramsey is an award-winning Lebanese game designer, computer scientist, and educator with over a decade of experience building captivating experiences at the edge of what is technically possible. His work includes museum installations, programming languages and compilers, slapstick physical games, politically challenging web art, and ground-breaking research into the cultural baggage of computing.